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Special Offer: Russian Translations $40/month

We will translate your correspondence with one person for one month for a flat fee $40! Offer limited to 500 words/day (15,000 words a month!). Extra words at usual price $0.01/word. This offer is valid till February, 14, 2006.

Yet another Russian translation website?

English Russian Translation .RU is different from other Russian translation websites because we mostly offer translation of letters and documents. A lot of Western men turn to the East in their search of a beautiful and devoted wife. Russian and Ukrainian marriage agencies are flourishing but many men prefer not to use them for correspondence with their Russian girlfriends. They use freelance Russian translators instead of expensive and sometimes not trustworthy agencies.

We are freelance English Russian translators based in Ukraine and we translate to Russian and Ukrainian languages at very low prices: we charge only 1 cent per word. Why it is so cheap? Because we have lower overhead expences compared to translation agencies. We do not have to pay office rent or salaries to accountants and lawyers. So you are paying less but a translator gets more.

$0.01 per word? Really?

We offer English Russian translation at probably the lowest price. And signing up for the service is easy: send an initial deposit by Western Union or http://ikobo.com (whatever amount you like, from $10 to $100) and start sending us your letters or documents for translation to Russian. The cost of translation will be deducted from the amount in your account. Turn-around is 24 hours!

What else do you offer?

Our Russian translation services include:

Why not use free Russian translation sites?

There is a number of free Russian to English translation sites and they translate English to Russian and back with a passable quality. Go to free Russian translation forum to discuss them. But it goes without saying that you should not use online Russian translation for serious documents and for letters where complete understanding is essential.

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